Long distance driving service in Munich & Worldwide

Munich´s most Premium Chauffeur Service Limousines Munich | Worldwide Chauffeurs will drive you for business and private occasions with our international partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and worldwide to the most remote destinations. 

“Chauffeur-driven long-distance trips are our passion”

Long distance transfers for – Business Travellers
Especially managers who have to attend many meetings on a fixed route for a whole day, prefer to be chauffeured by us, as several short-haul flights within one day with the arrivals and departures to the respective airports is very inefficient and ultimately also physically stressful. Our Premium Class Limousines offer beside the countless comfort features, as far as possible in a car with business equipment, the possibility to do office tasks on the way.

Long distance trips for – Private Persons and Holiday Travellers
Many people think that a chauffeur service in Munich must be much more expensive than a taxi, but it isn’t. By choosing between 4 vehicle categories you can actively influence the fare. With our Online Price Calculator you can calculate the fare for your planned transfer very easily.

Long distance chauffeured transfers between Munich Airport & the ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland

Our comfortable vans offer a lot of comfort for up to 7 passengers and enough storage space for the ski equipment. Be sure, our drivers are winter experienced professionals.


Example long distance trips from and to Munich:

Transfer from Munich to Salzburg or transfer from Salzburg to Munich Airport
Transfer from Munich to Zurich or transfer from Zurich to Munich Airport
Transfer from Munich to Stuttgart or transfer from Stuttgart to Munich Airport
Transfer from Munich to Frankfurt or transfer from Frankfurt to Munich Airport